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New Wide has always regarded “sustainability” as an important mission. In order to an efficient and healthy working environment, the managers have taken decisive behaviors and actions from the establishment of the Group in 1975, to ensure that the enterprise operation meets the principle of sustainable development. All branch companies and factories in the Group are striving to develop harmoniously with the natural environment, which has become the root of the group culture, and all employees will unanimously support it and put it into practice.
New Wide formally included “CSR Committee” into the organizational structure in 2009. “CSR Committee of New Wide” is composed of the Group’s General Administration Division and senior supervisors of the departments in the supply chain, and it is responsible for formulating CSR policies, action programs and inter-departmental coordination. We hope that the relevant departments are able to include CSR issues into daily administration operation through the clear CSR organization and division of labor, and then drive the CSR awareness of partners in the overall supply chain and cooperate with the stakeholders to grasp the development opportunities.
These committee members have different cultural and educational backgrounds, including Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya and Lesotho. Committee members have widely collected the latest information on CSR in various countries, and sent them to the clients and all employees through a variety of communication channels such as video conference and newsletters after being arranged by the General Administration Division of the Group. In addition, CSR committee members have actively participated in the relevant international organizations and worked together, so as to expand the CSR actions of New Wide to the global level and thus benefit the common interests of all people. 
The committee will regularly hold the meetings every year. Meeting may be held at any time for special issues, and the General Manager should hold the post of the highest auditor of CSR report.