Vertical Integration:

New Wide Group takes advantage of full vertical integration with Strategic Alliance Divisions to achieve flexible and efficient operational synergy. From cooling-yarn and the supply of cool transfer printing, we loop various partners along the textile supply chain together and build a strong team to provide one-stop shopping service. This extends the variety of our products and strengthens our strategy of diversification.

Logistics and Production locations:

Strategic Manufacturing Network
The production facilities of New Wide Group are located at the different strategic areas to provide quick response and flexible logistics service to our customers.

Quick-Response Regions (Mainland China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam)
New Wide Group is capable to meet marketing demands by prompt responses to the ever-changing fashion industry; these production bases maintain both a flexible lead time as well as a strict QA system.

Non-Duty to the U.S. and Duty Refund to EC Market.
(AGOA:Kenya, Lesotho/GSP: Vietnam, Cambodia)
To offer our customers more advantages on non-duty trade agreements.

Customer Service Centers (San Francisco, New York, Dallas)
Our branch offices in the U.S. and HK, not only help us collect more market intelligence and but also provide immediate service to international customers.

Market strategies:

In order to stay closer to customers, and understand their needs well, we count with a multidisciplinary Integrated Marketing Service team. Understanding products, customers and consumers allows us to be "on the same page" with our buyers and so offer reliable and professional service.

Equipment and production process:

Adding to our most advanced equipment, and in order to stay in line with the worldwide concerns for the environment, we complemented our processes with the Santos Preshrunk machine for cotton fabric, and our new micro sanding finishing machine; both machines allow for smoother process, better finishing, energy saving, and less fiber waste.


Our primary products include all most demanded knitted textiles made of traditional as well as of new materials. We divide our products into spun and filament yarns. Spun yarn products include Cotton, Organic Cotton, CVC, Rayon, Modal Rayon, Soybean Protein, Bamboo, Bamboo Charcoal, Tencel, Milk Protein. Filament yarns include Polyester, Nylon, Meryl Nylon, recycle Polyester, PTT, X-Static, Trevira, Germanium and more.

Monthly production capacity:

Our monthly capacity is up to 2,500 tons of knitted fabric, up to 1,000 tons of dyeing capacity, and up to 2.5 millions of garments manufacturing. As wider expansion awaits New Wide in the near future, numbers promise to increase, and so will our professionalism and quality of service.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is New Wide's everlasting commitment to clients. Adidas Level 2, Wal-Mart and Liz Claiborne have accredited our worldwide in-House laboratories. Our in house Laboratory in Changzhou has acquired authorization of Adidas Level 1 standard, and our knitting and dyeing facility in Changzhou have been accredited with an AAA certification. Our professionalism allows us for long partnerships with several of the most demanding brands in the world including performance oriented; fashion and casual wear oriented.


New Wide is devoted to the research and development of new materials and updated production processes, among them, Soybean Protein Fabrics outstand all other textiles products for its characteristics of being environmental friendly, exceptional dyeing properties, excellent elasticity, remarkable hand feeling, excellent moisture management and properties of health care. Our R&D development capacity is over two thousands new items per year. Twice a year, a team of professionals analyzes the current Active and Life Style fashion trends, and adapt them to our customers lines. The result is the perfect combination of updated, reasonable price and excellent quality products that meet the world-market demands.