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Local purchase conditions

The raw materials of New Wide are purchased in local areas. As it owns factories extend all over the world, the ratio of the raw materials purchased by New Wide in Taiwan is 49.93%35.71%,  the ratio of raw materials purchased by Changzhou Factory from Chinese Mainland is 79.52%, and New Wide supports the local economic development with practical actions .
In order to promote the sound business activities, New Wide has actively cooperated with the purchasing partners to promote the CSR procurement and green procurement, implement the localization of materials specifically, reduce unnecessary air transportation or ocean freight costs and reduce the carbon footprints generated in the material transportation process. In addition to the environmental responsibility of energy saving and carbon reduction, the procurement cost is also reduced directly.

Greenhouse gas emission and energy usage

The total greenhouse gas emissions of Changzhou Factory in 2016 were 77,097.31 t-CO2e and the inventory calculation results showed that the fuel was the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions of New Wide. Therefore, the specific greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy of New Wide mainly includes the reduction of production fuel and equipment energy consumptions which is taken as the core policy.