As an enterprise in international textile and garment industry, New Wide will integrate the resources of all parties to provide the best service, develop the added value of innovation, implement the vision to become the main supplier for major brands of the world, and continue to make contributions on the stage of globalization through the perfect process cooperation among the business entities which complement each other and the radiation ability of the core cities in all areas. 
New Wide regards environmental protection as a top priority. In order to create an efficient and healthy working environment, all the branches and factories of the Group strive to develop harmoniously with the natural environment. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of New Wide fulfills the relevant responsibilities to ensure that all business operations of the Group comply with applicable laws and regulations. At the same time, the Commission will further develop appropriate strategies to meet the highest international standards. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of New Wide will be actively involved in all relevant international organizations to work together, so that the actions can benefit the common interests of all mankind but not limited to the implementation of their own corporate social responsibility. New Wide regards these organizations and their members as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee with a view to working together to protect the earth through experience exchange and sharing.
New Wide know that the concept of conservation is not only an important part of business income of enterprise, but also a milestone in its corporate culture. It firmly believes that conservation can not only create profits, but also is our responsibility to create a good place to live in the earth. No matter how much energy New Wide will save from the corporate perspective, we will share the value with all our employees.
We promise employees that every employee is our treasures. We will grow together with employees with the most sincere heart, we attach importance to the contribution of every colleague, and make every effort to shape an environment where everybody can fully display his talents. We attach importance to commitment, improve the quality and implement the common vision with the common interests, so that every employee can play the best potential in an environment as warm as a home.
We promise our partners and global young generation that we will continue to explore the latest technology, processes and tools, so as to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and improve the living standards of all people.
More than 40 years of sustained development is the solid guarantee for making the action become success. New Wide will continue to encourage the social responsibility actions of the Company, individuals and other aspects. We will work more closely with our partners to create more friendly supply chains and products for the environment and people.