Global Offices


Our headquarter employs almost two hundred people who coordinate the daily actions of the supply chain.  It includes Group Admin. Office, Knitting and Garment divisions, in which  there are sales teams, global marketing, R&D, fashion trends research, and in-house laboratories. With 35 years of efforts, New Wide Group has turned into an international enterprise,characterized with quick response, quality and innovation. With our worldwide manufacturing and service network, New Wide generates efficient resource allocations to meet the dynamic strategies of our buyers around the world.

Branch Offices

In 2001, Kunshan New Wide Textile and Changzhou Knitting & Dyeing factory in China were built up as the fundamental step towards globalization. Kunshan New Wide Textile maintains the principle of best quality, one of New Wide's mile stones. Changzhou New Wide Knitting & Dyeing Co., LTD owns a remarkable technology we are proud of. It combines knitting and dyeing capabilities to create a solid vertical operating model.

In order to provide the best services and quick response to our clients, we continued to extend to Shanghai and later to Hong Kong, since it has always been an important port and business base in Asia.

Nowdays, our worldwide set up includes overseas knitting and dyeing factories in China, and earned the award of “Sports Causal Knitted Fabric Pioneer Planet”; recently, we set up “New Wide Textile R&D Institute” and Design-Marketing Dept. in Changzhou. The branch offices/factories in Hong Kong, Kunshan, Shanghai, and Beijing enhance the global logistics and reinforce the flexibility of our management system.

For our Garment Division, we set up factories in China, Lesotho, Kenya and Cambodia, Vietnam and branch offices in the U.S; all this facilitate us to provide flexible production bases and immediate service to customers while seeking more opportunities in the North American market.