New Wide Group emerged from New Wide Enterprises Co. Ltd., was established in 1975, and devoted to the manufacturing and research of various knitted fabrics. Driven by the strategy- “Quality Assurance, Product Innovation, Quick Response”, New Wide constantly shows strong growth and global approach to meet market demands. With 40 years of effort, New Wide Group has turned into an international enterprise with four business divisions.

Our worldwide set-up includes overseas knitting and dyeing factories in China, and earned the award of “Fabrics China Pioneer Plant - Knitted Fabric for Sports & Casual Wear.” Besides, we set up New Wide Textile R&D Building and “D3 Lab,” which is comprised of the elements “Data”, “Design” and “Development,” in Changzhou and Taipei. The branch offices/factories in Hong Kong, Kunshan, Shanghai, and Beijing enhance the global logistics and reinforce the flexibility of our management system.

For our Garment Division, we set up factories in China, Lesotho, Kenya and Cambodia and branch offices in the U.S; all these facilitate us to provide flexible production bases and immediate service to customers while seeking more opportunities in the North American market. Therefore, our worldwide manufacturing and service network may generate efficient resource allocations to meet the dynamic strategies of our buyers around the world.

We are not satisfied with being a manufacturer; nevertheless, we input service to our performance. New Wide Group has successfully set up our vertical integration, which brought us a strong Strategic Alliance Division business partnership. It not only reinforces the strength of the collaborative team of Fabric and Garment divisions, but also provides customers one-stop-shopping service, where customers may develop their products from fabrics to garment.

As an international textile and garment supplier, New Wide Group insists on maintaining the highest level of honesty and sincerity, and strives to have our own brand with ODM ability. In the future, New Wide Group will integrate all these resources to provide our customers the most innovative products, and become the main supplier of the major brands in the world.

  • Second Phase factory of Vietnam New Wide in Phouc Dong officially started manufacturing
  • New Wide Group held CSR White paper conference in Shanghai
  • Vietnam New Wide Garment Factory awarded  2017 WCA by Intertek Testing Services
  • Changzhou New Wide Awarded 2017 Top Twenty Printing and Dyeing Enterprises 
  • Kenya New Wide Awarded WRAP Gold Certificate of Compliance 
  • Changzhou New Wide Awarded GOTS/GRS Certificates 
  • Changzhou New Wide awarded the outstanding company of the standardize system in the third knitwear branch

  • Vietnam New Wide in Phouc Dong officially started
  • Changzhou New Wide gained the honor of “Zifeng Award”
  • 2016 Outstanding  Awards of Taiwan Companies in the Mainland China- Succession Inheritance Award
  • 2016 China International Fabrics- Design
  • New Wide Group gained the top grade, first prize and second prize of 2016 China Printing and Dyeing Industry Excellent Fabric Award
  • Changzhou New Wide gained GOTS/GRS certification successfully.
  • New Wide Group was awarded as Keep Moving Awards by Anta.
  • 2016 Ethopia& Kenya gained the certificate of WRAP

  • Changzhou New Wide gained the honor of “Top 20 of 2015 China Dyeing and Printing Enterprises”
  • Changzhou New Wide was awarded as “Tianning 2015 Technology Innovation Awards”
  • Changzhou New Wide was awarded as “Tianning 2015 Export and Import Advanced Award”
  • Changzhou New Wide gained the honor of “Tianning 2015 Apanage Taxation Contribution Award”
  • Changzhou New Wide gained the honor of “Tianning 2015 Tax Contribution Top 20”
  • Changzhou New Wide gained certificate of Integration of Industrialization and Informatization
  • Rainbeau gained Apparel "Innovation" Award Winner from Walmart
  • Set up New Wide Taipei Design Center
  • Establish Ethiopia Garment Factory
  • Awarded "Supplier Excellence Award" from FILA
  • Awarded "Supplier Excellence Award" from ANTA
  • Gain "Supplier Award for Speed & Agility" from adidas
  • Kenya New Wide was awarded “The best Supporting Business Partner of Safmarine in Textile Industry”
  • Changzhou New Wide gained “WHITELST Qualification”
  • 2014 Key Self-owned Brand Enterprise in Clothing and Homing Textile Industry
  • Pass Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Pass Storm Cotton Water Repellent technology by Cotton Incorporated
  • 2013 Top 20 Printing and Dyeing companies in China
  • Nomination of 2015 China International Fabrics Design competition


  • Changzhou New Wide gained the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Company in 2013
  • New Wide Group was awarded as 2014/15 Autumn/Winter Fabrics China Appraisal Best Application Award for Sports Wear
  • Changzhou New Wide got the honor of National Energy Saving Top 100 Enterprise
  • New Wide was honored as Jiangsu Famous Trademark
  • New Wide Group was awarded as 2014 Spring/Summer Fabrics China Appraisal Entry Enterprise 
  • Changzhou New Wide won National May 1st Medal of 2013
  • Changzhou New Wide was honored as Industrial Brand Cultivation Sample Enterprise in 2012
  • New Wide Group gained 2012 Human Rights Award and 2012 Product Innovation Award of PVH Group
  • New Wide Group gained Tchibo Environmental Responsibility Award!
  • New Wide Group extends the global setting to Vietnam for garment factory
  • The R&D center and QC Center of Changzhou New wide was honored as Excellent Lab of China Knitting Industry 
  • New Wide Group won the first prize of 2013 China Best Printing and Dyeing Fabrics
  • Changzhou New Wide was honored as One of Top Hundred Export Companies of Textile Industry in 2012


  • Changzhou New Wide joined the White-List System of CNTAC 
  • Changzhou New Wide was awarded as 2013/14 Fabrics China Appraisal Partner Enterpris
  • New Wide Group won the Brand Culture Award of 2012 China Knitting Industry
  • Changzhou gained the award of 2012 China Top Ten Textile Brand Cultural
  • New Wide Group gained the honor of “the Advanced Enterprise of CSR in Dyeing Industry
  • Kenya New Wide Factory passed Wal-Mart’s audition and got green rating
  • Changzhou New Wide gained the rating of 4 star from Energy Efficiency Star Label.
  • Changzhou New Wide won the certificate of "Excellent Enterprise of China Knitting Industry” on environment optimization, energy saving and emission reduction 
  • Changzhou New Wide won the second place prize of “2012 Annual China Excellent Printing and Dyeing Fabrics”
  • Changzhou New Wide was awarded the「2013 spring and summer Chinese popular fabrics
  • New Wide Cambodia Factory got the Wrap Certificate
  • New Wide Group gained “Changzhou Well-known Trademark” certificate.
  • New Wide Group was awarded as “10 Best Textile Enterprises” of Zhong-Fang Bulletin.
  • Changzhou New Wide got the certificate of AA enterprise from the custom


  • Easyoga was evaluated as the top one brand among China yoga apparel brands on Tenpp.com
  • New Wide Group gained “Changzhou Famous Product” certificate 
  • The first easyoga flagship shop held a grand opening in Shanghai
  • Gained 500 Great Enterprises of China Textile Industry
  • Gained 10 Best Knitting Enterprise
  • Gained Best Material Application Award
  • Gained Fabric China Pioneer Plant
  • New Wide Group become the member of GRI
  • Kunshan New Wide Textile acquired the 2010 Qiandeng Town award “The Best 10th Sales Foreign Company”
  • Gained Advanced Enterprises to Create a Harmonious Labor Relations
  • Cambodia New Wide Garment Factory was received a GREEN rating on ILO’s audit


  • Officially Set Up the 3rd Division - Strategic Alliance Division
  • Gain ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO14001(Environmental Management System)
  • Gain “2010 National Textile Harmony Labor Relationship Enterprise” from China National Textile and Apparel Council in Sichuan
  • Gain “AAA Certificate Enterprise Credit Grade” from 2010 China Textile Innovation Conference
  • Gain “Product & Service Excellence Award” from adidas
  • Gain “High Quality Techniques”and “High-Tech Enterprise”of Jiangsu Province
  • Gain “8th Honor Award of Golden Torch Award” from Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association
  • 2010 Joint Release Conference of Sustainability Reports of Chinese Textile and Apparel Enterprises in Beijing
  • New Wide Group has been authorized as an official manufacturer of 2010 Shanghai Expo, China
  • Access a Revolutionary New Technology –Cooltrans Technology by Singning a Cooperation


  • Scientific and educational cooperation with Donghua University
  • New Wide Group is awarded for our special contribution as co-organizers of “2009 Conference on Sustainability in the Global Textile and Apparel Supply Chain”
  • New Wide Group America Branch Office, JJ Mae's Rainbeau, gained “2008 Wal-Mart Supplier of the Year”
  • New Wide Group extends the global setting to Vietnam- New Wide signed cooperation contract With Huge Bamboo Enterprise Co., Ltd .
  • Open the first Easyoga store in Shanghai, China
  • Gain “Certificate of Fabric China Pioneer Plant--Knitted Fabric for Sports & Casual Wear” from CNTAC, Establish “New Wide Textile R&D Institute” in Changzhou
  • Establish Knitted Fabric for Sports & Casual Wear R&D Institute in Changzhou
  • Establish New Wide Garment (Kenya) Co., Ltd.
  • CSR Committee officially set up
  • Gain “Changzhou 5.1 Labor Award”
  • Gain “7th Jiangsu Textile Technology Innovation Award”
  • Gain “10 Best Environment Protection Entrepreneurs” of Changzhou City
  • Gain “China Textile Social Accountability Certificate CSC9000T”
  • Gain “Certificate of Changzhou City Modal of Environmental Education” and “Enterprise Technical Center” from Changzhou Municipal


  • Gain “Jiangsu Province 5.1 Labor Award”
  • Changzhou New Wide Acquired Changzhou Corporate Social Accountability Standards Certificate
  • New Wide Group is qualified for “National Kinitted Product”
  • Signed long-term cooperation contracts with suppliers of Volcanic Ash Fabric, Coconut Charcoal Fabric, Silver Fabric and Flycool
  • Gain “Competitive Ability of Superiority Business Award of 2007-2008” from Jiangsu Province
  • Gain “Class AAA(2009-2010)Enterprise Credit” from Changzhou Judging Committee.
  • Establish Dallas Branch Office
  • Update New Wide Group Official Website, Providing a User-Friendly Platform
  • Establish Shanghai Branch Office new building


  • Changzhou New Wide officially set up
  • Gain “An Outstanding Case Study in Business Strategy” from National Taiwan University
  • Ms. Angela Chuang, General Manager of New Wide Group, Gain “Most Innovating People 2007” in the Textile Industry
  • Gain “High-Tech Enterprise” from Jiangsu Province
  • Become the Pioneer of China National Textile Product Development Center
  • Merged J.J's Mae, Inc, (RAINBEAU) in San Francisco and start the connection with the brand designers
  • Establish New Wide Beijing Branch Office
  • Large Blue-Green Algae Outbreak in Tai-Lake of Changzhou; All New Wide members work hard to overcome the difficulties


  • Attend Reebok Global Supplier Conference
  • Attend “Cross-Straits Forum for Cooperation in Textile Industry”and Many Textile Related Conferences
  • Attend Intertexile Exhibition in Shanghai/Beijing
  • Attend Puma Global Supplier Conference in Nurnberg, Germany and attend TITAS Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Attend Global Outstanding Supplier Conference of Sears & JC Penney
  • Merge Grandtex International (Cambodia) CO., LTD.
  • Establish New Wide (Cambodia) Garment Co., LTD
  • Gain “International Star Award for Quality”
  • New Wide Group signed cooperation contract with Changzhou Apparel Institute
  • Start Construction of the Factory of Qing Yang North Rd., Tianning Dist., Changzhou


  • Establish Kunshan New Wide Garment Co., LTD
  • New Wide Group 30th Year Celebration
  • Attend Intertexile Exhibition in Shanghai/Beijing
  • Gain“2005 High Quality Techniques” and “2007 High-Tech Enterprise” certificated by Jiangsu
  • Successfully publish Innovation of Soybean Fabric and gain the media’s attention


  • Establish HK Branch Office & Showroom
  • Merge Lesotho EUG and STK Garment Factory
  • In House Lab of adidas has upgraded to Level 2
  • Signed cooperation contract of “Soybean Fabric Production” in Shanghai
  • Attend Soybean Fabric Exhibition in Shenzhen


  • Established Taipei New Wide Garment CO., LTD.
  • Invest in Kenya Protex Garment Factory
  • New Wide Group Chairman, Tony Huang, was invited to make a speech for well-known management magazine, EMBA, in Taiwan


  • Establish Kunshan New Wide Textile CO., LTD.
  • Attend Taipei Innovative Textile Application (TITA) Show and become a fixture for the following years
  • Attend adidas Global Supplier Conference in Germarny
  • Establish Changzhou New Wide Knitting & Dyeing CO., LTD.
  • Establish Kunshan New Wide Textile CO., LTD. Branch Office in Shanghai
  • Successfully develop Soybean Fiber Fabric and awarded High-Tech Enterprise & Product certificated by Jiangsu province


  • Gain “World's Top 10 Outstanding Wal-Mart Supplier Award”


  • Attend Taipei Innovative Textile Competition and gained Best Design Award
  • Establish Shanghai Office of New Wide Garment


  • Establish the Taipei IN HOUSE Laboratory & Showroom
  • Attend the Intertextile at Paris, France-Exhibitions and Tradeshows for Apparel Fabrics
  • Establish Dayuan Dyeing Factory in Taipei


  • Attend the Interstoff at Frankfurt, Germany-World Exhibitions for the Textile Industry


  • Attend Liz Claiborne New York Supplier Conference
  • Coordinate product development and fashion trend and create our first Fashion Trend Board


  • Start to contact the U.S. clients directly and expand sales


  • Develop PONTE (R / N + OP) Fabric, popular in Europe and American markets. Move from small to middle size company
  • Launched the first New Wide fashion board which combine R&D with fashion trends


  • Establish R&D Department


  • Start to serve brands and handle garment orders directly with customers


  • Taipei Xinzhuang Factory completed


  • Purchased the current Taipei Headquarter Office


  • Establish New Wide Enterprises Co. Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan and focus on producing printed fabrics