President's Message

We believe that an enterprise without a mature culture is not ready to cope with tense competition. Thanks to our solid culture of sharing and honesty, NEW WIDE GROUP is ready for the challange. Our culture allows us to stay focused, and counts for our most useful tool. At New Wide Group, sharing is a practice at all levels.


A well-designed internal system is what encourages people with entrepreneur spirit to confidently devote themselves to an enterprise; it foster common goals and self-motivation because it shows the promise of overall care and recognition into practice. Besides, it also makes everyone feel free to concentrate on their duties and responsibilities.


Internal co-ordination is the sinew of competitiveness as long as the resources are distributed efficiently. This propels New Wide to be a multi-learning organization that can immediately reflect on the changes in global tendencies. Building a platform that facilitates communication and information sharing, is just part of how we prepare ourselves to face the future changes of globalization.


Empowerment is the key to foster self responsibility, and transmite the company's values to our people. New Wide encourages its employees to be creative and independent. Each manager is a direct link between the buyer and the company's general management. This flexible communication system promotes competitive responses, and allows reactions that fit our customers' needs.

New Wide's success comes from respecting every staff's contribution; and every staff succeeds because they know to be in an appreciative environment. Our promise is to share all our earnings and honor with our staff, and so we do. 


We have created an environment that not only fosters efficiency in the workplace but also encourages flexibility in learning. Accepting and implementing all opportunities for training and growth is necessary to prepare ahead to face future challenges.

Our people is our treasure; we grow, work and encourage each other in an environment of full utilization of people and resources. We constantly examine ourselves, bravely leave the past behind, and set our future superiority, integrating the best of everybody's tasks and so creating new added values. We keep our promises, improve our quality, and together foresee our common goals; allowing every employee to fully develop their potential.