Production Flow

For enterprises, efficient production process is an important key for achieving international standards, so New Wide has specially assigned persons to control it, so as to effectively ensure that the production line can use high-quality raw materials.

The operators who supervise all links of the production process not only need to have the rich production technology and experience, but also should understand the impact of energy consumption on the overall natural environment. Therefore, New Wide Group is committed to improving the printing and dyeing factories, so as to take account into and reduce the impact on the environment at the same time of production and manufacturing.

At present, New Wide information system has been fully oriented to the standard operating process (SOP) management, and introduced a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which can handle the abnormal conditions in real time and improve process quality and reduce energy waste in addition to completely controlling the production progress.
1.  Refining & Dyeing Single Bath Process of Cotton/OP Fabric: Shorten process time and reduce man-made anomalies. Power can be saved by 408,000 kw, water can be saved by 326,400 m3, and steam can be saved by 2,554 tons.
2.  Dyeing & Washing Single Bath Process of Polyester Fabric: General alkaline reduction washing is omitted. Power can be saved by 272,000 kw, water can be saved by 50,000 m3, and steam can be saved by 1,834 tons.