The future for New Wide

is as bright as it gets. By the end of 2010 we expect to start running our International Research Institute and National R&D Center in Changzhou that will serve as nationwide textiles testing center in China. This is New Wide's one of the most ambitious projects that will make us one of the most outstanding companies in the industry worldwide. 

We are investing now for the future. Facing globalizations, and with long term goals planning in mind, New Wide Group is now in the process of creating our future leaders, who are now being trained in cross cultural communication, multilanguage, management skills, leadership and entrepreneurship as well as on a variety of job related techniques. At the same time, we continue to look for long term partners in the industry, those that may embrace New Wide Group's same values and philosophy. 

New Wide aims at becoming a model global company, in which people, processes and equipment meet the highest worldwide standards. 


We are ready for you!