​As our CEO, Mr. Tony Huang, once said: "It may be by chance that good people come to us, but it’s for sure not by chance that they stay… and for many years”.

Nothing at New Wide is more certain, people are the number-one element for our success and continuous growth. To compensate their effort, we have many sharing programs aiming at upgrading our people’s quality of life; to mention just a few, profit sharing, education, and compensations based on individual achievements are among the most important ones.  

Our knowledge sharing programs include training and education ranging from the most   professional aspects of the industry such as textiles science, marketing, and management skills, to lectures and presentation for life enjoyment such as wine and food tasting and the arts.

To enhance our people’s competitive advantages, teamwork spirit and health, both mental and physical, we arrange several sports activities in a year. Further more, we host family days and company trips. Our personnel at our factories enjoy low-price but excellent cuisine as well as lodging with all necessary equipment to assure good rest in comfortable environments.

The task of maintaining and improving our people’s welfare is time and effort consuming, but is also one of the happiest ones to take part of. At New Wide Group is a satisfaction to work on making our co-workers happy.