Quality & Compliance

New Wide strongly believes that quality is the milestone sustaining the development of relationships and ensuring long-term partnerships with clients. We not only improve production processes and maintain production facilities in order to assure consistency of quality, but we also concern with environment, safety and human right management.
New Wide Group In-House Laboratories has been accredited as having the highest standard in this regard, and is widely approved by Adidas, Wal-Mart, and Liz Claiborne.

Moreover, Kunshan New Wide Textile had been approved as a Class AAA, a ranking of the Credit Grading Certification from Jiangsu Dongyu International Consultation & Appraisal Co., Ltd.        

In 2007, New Wide Group not only got the honor of “Sport-Causal Knitted Fabrics Pioneer Plant” but also the award of “Textile Development Achievement” by Fabric China. Our Total Quality Management (TQM) strategies emphasize the importance that we place not only on our professional performance in the industry, but also the respect and appreciation we have for our customers.