New Wide Group indicates three goals - product innovation, quality assurance, and quick response. With this idea, from new development, knitting, dyeing, and garment ready to wear, New Wide Group integrated a unique manufacturing system can strengthen responsibility and accountability on promoting or performing the fashionable ideas.

New Wide Group is devoted to the research and development of new materials as well as high-tech finishing in our products. Currently, New Wide Group is well known for our numerous break-through achievements in textiles. These achievements include the soybean protein fabric, milk protein fabric, hundreds of functional and performance fabrics, and the application of a multitude of environmentally friendly fibers. New Wide Group’s annual capacity of innovative items is well in the thousands.
Our professional R&D team is constantly finding new marketing strategies, and cooperates with major designers, which allows us to stay in line with the fast pace of world’s changes. With such a strong foundation, New Wide Group not only turns original designs into exclusive products of high quality, but also displays the newest development through a systematic arrangement in our showrooms around the world.
New Wide Group as an international textile and garment supplier, not only sell the product,but also sell the value that represents fashion trends, professional, quality in textile, and garment industry nowadays. By this mode, the effort and professionalism of New Wide Grouphad built a reputation worthy of doing business with the most eminent brand owners all over the world.​