VFM Platform

About VFM Platform (Value-added Fashion Marketing Platform)

V for Value-added
F for Fashion
M for Marketing

New Wide doesn’t hesitate to continue investing in technology to provide better service to our customers.Bearing to be a Service-oriented manufacturer in mind, we set up  the VFM (Value-added Fashion Marketing) platform to meet customers’ requirement by providing tools to shorten communication time, such as virtual showroom with full lines of products and on-line delivery checking. This device helps New Wide to research the needs of our customers and their worldwide brands, and develop new fabrics to strengthen our service. For customers, they will get the latest information immediately and more efficiently, which ranges from new fabric materials, knitting and dyeing technology, to market trends.

Meanwhile, through VFM platform, customers may cooperate with New Wide to develop new fabrics, and to check delivery dates. New Wide will collect information including changes on the future of the supply chain, analysis of information, so to have better responses to market demands, that may help to achieve our targets: Innovation, Quality Assurance, and Quick Reponses. New Wide always takes actions to implement our vision- to be key suppliers of most important world brands by supporting our customers to achieve better performance on the market place with our full vertical integrated supply chain and better communication technology. 
This project is sponsored by ITAS (Innovative Technology Applications & Services Program) of Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.