About New Wide

New Wide Enterprises Co. Ltd., established in 1975 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the parent company of New Wide Group, is devoted to knitted fabrics manufacturing. Through more than 40 years of effort, and driven by the missions: Product Innovation, Quality Assurance, Quick Response and CSR, New Wide Group has become an global enterprise of four business groups- Knitting Trade, Knitting and Dyeing Supply Chain, Garment& Trade, and Strategic Alliance.

From market trends, R&D, knitting, dyeing, to garment manufacturing, New Wide's global intelligent supply chain and human-robot collaboration team provides clients better service. Our global set-up includes knitting and dyeing factories in Vietnam and China, which earned the honor of “China Knitted Fabrics Pioneer Plant.” New Wide Textile R&D Institute and D3 Lab (Data, Design and Development) are set in Changzhou and Taipei, and the branch offices in Hong Kong, Kunshan, and Shanghai. The garment factories are located in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lesotho, Kenya and Ethiopia, and branch offices in the U.S. Our global supply chain setting enables us to provide flexible production bases and immediate service to clients.

For our next generations, New Wide is committed to sustainability development. As the industry leader of sustainability, we guard the earth with our leading technology. New Wide is dedicated to strengthening the knitting supply chain, technology breakthrough, in order to bring more positive impact to the enviroment and human beings, and be a top-notch manufacturing service brand .

Global Supply Chain Setting

New Wide Group's Global Supply Chain Setting Across Asia, Africa, and America.

  • 3 Global Setting Across 3 Continents
  • 5 Knitting & Dyeing Mills
  • 12 Garment Factories
  • 45 Years of Industry Experience
  • 300+ Worldwide Brand Partners
  • 3000+ New Knitted Fabrics Yearly
  • Knitting and Dyeing

  • Garment

Taipei New Wide

7F, No.96, Sec. 2, Zhong Xiao E. Rd.,Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2391-2288

New Wide Shanghai Office

Unit 9, No.159, Tianzhou Rd., Shanghai 200233, China
Tel: +86-21-5445-3377

Kunshan New Wide Textile Co., Ltd.

No. 768, Ji Guang Bei Rd., Qian Deng, Kunshan Jiangsu 215343
Tel: +86- 512-5740-6699

New Wide (HK) International Co., Ltd.

8F/C, V Ga Bldg., 532 Castle Peak Rd.,Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2396-1866

Changzhou New Wide Knitting & Dyeing Co.,Ltd.- Knitting

No.132 Qing Yang North Rd.,Tianning, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-519-8880-6969

New Wide (Vietnam) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lo 45-16, N15 Street, Phuoc Dong Industrial Zone, Phuoc Dong Commune, Go Dau District, tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
Tel: +84-276-3515-168
Fax: +84-276-3534250, +84-276-3534265

Taipei New Wide Garment

3F, No.96, Sec. 2, Zhong Xiao E. Rd.,Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2321-0909

New Wide Taipei Design Center

1F, No.11, Wuquan 7th Rd, Wugu Dist, New Taipei City, 248, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2299-7188

Kunshan New Wide Garment

No. 768, Ji Guang Bei Rd., Qian Den, Kunshan Jiangsu 215343
Tel: +86- 512-5740-7056

Kunshan New Wide Garment (Shanghai)

Unit 9, No.159, Tianzhou Rd., Shanghai 200233, China
Tel: +86-21-5445-3377

New Wide Garment (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

Lot K-3A-CN Land, N8 Road, My Phuoc Industrial Park, My Phuoc Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam
Tel: +84-274-3567-262
Fax: +84-274-3567-263

Grand Textiles (Combodia) Co., Ltd.

Building A, Vattanac Industrial Park, Street Chom Choa , Phum Tropaing Thloeng, Sangkat Chom Chao Khan Posen Chey ,Phnom Penh , 120603, Cambodia
Tel: +855-23-985711

New Wide (Cambodia) Garment Co., Ltd.

Phoum Toul Pong Ror, SangKat Chaum Chao, Khan Por SenChey , Phnom Penh, 120910, Cambodia
Tel: +855-23-424677

New Wide Kenya Garment Co., Ltd.

Export Processing Zone, Athi-River, PO BOX 292-00204, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-45-662-6077

Ever Unison Garments Lesotho (PTY) Ltd.

350 Plot 23134-045/046 Lilijaneng Ha Nyenye,Leribe District Maputsoe,Lesotho
Tel: +266-2243-1888, +266-2243-1537, +266-2243-1536

New Wide Ethiopia Garment

Shed No.1, Bole Lemi Industrial Zone, Bole Lemi, Bole Sub-City, Woreda 11, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251-11-639-4299

New Wide Indsutrial USA

17060 Dallas Parkway Suite 215 Dallas, TX 75248-1921
Tel: +1-972-403-0300

JJ's Mae, Inc

1812 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: +415-255-7047

Business Groups

New Wide Group has four business units, including Knitting Trade, Knitting and Dyeing Supply Chain, Garment& Trade, and Strategic Alliance. Our strong global supply chain ensures resource efficiency and increases manufacturing flexibility.  

A corporate without culture can't get gain its maturity, nor can it face fierce market competitions. 

Tony Huang, Chairman of New Wide Group

Chairman's Message

The cultural core of New Wide Group is “sharing and honesty”, and making efforts to serve the employees and clients of New Wide. New Wide is always able to find the most effective solution to meet the needs of the world famous brand clients with the highest requirements, and it has also showed the highest efficiency in the action related to social responsibility.

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Brand Partners

New Wide History

  • Foundation

  • Expansion

  • Global Supply Chain 

  • Sustainability

Foundation in Taiwan

· 1975 New Wide Enterprise Co. established, focusing on paper print knitting fabrics
· 1986 R&D department established
· 1990 Huge successful development of Ponte fabric
· 1999 In-house lab and showroom establised in Taipei

Cultivation in China

· 2001 Kunshan Leadlong Knitting co. established
· 2002 New WIde Shanghai established
· 2003 Changzhou New Wide Knitting and Dyeing Co. established

Global Knitting Supply Chain Setting. Vertical Integration

· 2003 Taipei New WIde Garment established
· 2003 Kenya New Wide Garment established
· 2004 Acquired Lesotho EUG Garment
· 2004 New Wide HongKong showroom established

Global Knitting Supply Chain Setting. Vertical Integration

· 2005 Kunshan New Wide Garment established
· 2006 Cambodia New Wide Garment established
· 2006 Acquired Cambodia Grand Textile Garment
· 2007 Acquired American Importer Rainbeau

Global Knitting Supply Chain Setting. Vertical Integration

· 2008 New Wide Dallas established
· 2009 CSR Committee established
· 2013 New Wide Vietnam Garment established
· 2014 New Wide Ethiopia Garment established

Global Knitting Supply Chain Setting and Vertical Integration

· 2014 Taipei design center established
· 2016 New Wide Vietnam Knitting and Dyeing Co. established

Smart Manufacturing and Sustainable Development

· 2017 New Wide CSR Whitepaper annouced
· 2017 D3 Lab established, the development head integrating Data, Development and Design
· 2018 New Wide Vietnam automatic warehouse established
· 2019 New Wide Sustainability Quaterly frist edition released

Hot news

New Wide Changzhou and Vietnam IDCC in Operation, a New Milestone for New Wide Intelligent and Sustainable Supply Chain

In our IDCC(Intelligent - manufacturing Data Control Center) , the real time production scenes, data and analysis are displayed on the TV wall. With visual and mobile management facilities, the production situations are updated in time for us to quickly respond. The data integration,including Datacolor, SPC, ERP, shortens the dyeing process and increase the successful rates of coloring. More importantly, the energy management system enables optimal utilization of the energy and resource used during production. New Wide endeavors to provide our clients the best supply chain solutions through more resilient, intelligent and sustainable production management. 

New Wide IDCC are certified by global leading brands. For more information, please contact your sales window.  

“The competition of enterprise is the competition about concept”

We believe that an enterprise without a mature culture is not ready to cope with tense competition. Thanks to our solid culture of sharing and honesty, NEW WIDE GROUP is ready for the challange. Our culture allows us to stay focused, and counts for our most useful tool. At New Wide Group, sharing is a practice at all levels.


A well-designed internal system is what encourages people with entrepreneur spirit to confidently devote themselves to an enterprise; it foster common goals and self-motivation because it shows the promise of overall care and recognition into practice. Besides, it also makes everyone feel free to concentrate on their duties and responsibilities.


Internal co-ordination is the sinew of competitiveness as long as the resources are distributed efficiently. This propels New Wide to be a multi-learning organization that can immediately reflect on the changes in global tendencies. Building a platform that facilitates communication and information sharing, is just part of how we prepare ourselves to face the future changes of globalization.


Empowerment is the key to foster self responsibility, and transmite the company's values to our people. New Wide encourages its employees to be creative and independent. Each manager is a direct link between the buyer and the company's general management. This flexible communication system promotes competitive responses, and allows reactions that fit our customers' needs. New Wide's success comes from respecting every staff's contribution; and every staff succeeds because they know to be in an appreciative environment. Our promise is to share all our earnings and honor with our staff, and so we do.


We have created an environment that not only fosters efficiency in the workplace but also encourages flexibility in learning. Accepting and implementing all opportunities for training and growth is necessary to prepare ahead to face future challenges.

Our people is our treasure; we grow, work and encourage each other in an environment of full utilization of people and resources. We constantly examine ourselves, bravely leave the past behind, and set our future superiority, integrating the best of everybody's tasks and so creating new added values. We keep our promises, improve our quality, and together foresee our common goals; allowing every employee to fully develop their potential.